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E.P.E.S. offer full on site maintenance of electrical plant and power equipment.  We can offer maintenance on a one-off basis or yearly maintenance contracts allowing for considered maintenance of complete networks.

Our typical yearly contracts include an initial maintenance visit, integration of network diagrams, database and interrogation of existing systems, substation labelling, upgrades and on-going support through yearly inspection visits and recommendations for upgrade and support services and generally a five year contract allowing for a full service and maintenance visit of all power HV switchgear and transformers within the five year period.

Yearly oil tests are carried out on Power and Distribution transformers allowing for trend analysis to be evaluated and reported on with any recommendations.

Maintenance customers benefit from increased discounts on system improvements, 24  -hour support and preventative maintenance which can prevent huge costs through system failure and downtime.

In the event of a major power system failure, E.P.E.S offer a 24 hour service to rectify the situation, liaise with the appropriate R.E.C. and replace plant and equipment to ensure the site is returned to operation within the minimum time frame and least disruption reducing lost production and working costs.

E.P.E.S. are also able to call on the vast stocks of power equipment available to them to help rectify the situation, be it in respect to surplus parts or complete replacement equipment.

E.P.E.S. are also members of the Energy Networks Association which keeps us up-to-date with any SOP’s or DINs, along with any recommendations.  Utilisation of a maintenance contract also helps to satisfy the HSE that appropriate steps are being taken to ensure the integrity and saftey of your power network and helps prevent potential prosecution under the health and safety guidelines.

If you don’t look after your  power equipment this is what could happen:

Accountants may love to save money but try to explain to the Directors of a lucrative business that the plant production could be down for weeks due to lack of maintenance and that they may have to face a board of enquiry by the HSE and the view quickly changes!

The cost of maintenance visits is completely disproportionate to a system failure!
Can you really afford not to maintain your power network?


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