Discrimination Studies

Our engineering team can carry out system grading studies using AMTECH and Powernet HV software and advise on any discrimination and protection settings and requirements to ensure the effective running of your power network.

We will also consider the incoming fault MVA of the system to ensure effective garding can be acheived to ensure that in the event of a fault, it is only the faulty equipment that is isolated from the system, saving any unnecessary downtime costs from systems that should still be operational.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is also key to keeping costs of operation to a minimum. At E.P.E.S. we can also provide advice on energy efficiency and power management to ensure you get the most from your network. This includes the concept of voltage reduction to equipment and loads which can operate at a lower voltage range thus saving power and reducing electricity bills as well as the use of low energy equipment including low loss power transformers which although initially more expensive, can reduce energy costs and pay substantial dividends by way of power reduction over the life of your power network. All of these concepts can be included in the design and implementation of your new or existing systems.