E.P.E.S are able to provide advice on design and carry out any on-site building and civils work required for installation of new substations buildings and associated works.

These services include:

• Manufacture of bases for accommodation of Distribution and Power Transformers, HV and LV switchgear
• Manufacture of bund walls for oil or fluid retainment
• Manufacture of brick built substations or installation of GRP enclosures to accommodate DNO (Distribution Network Operator) HV equipment or clients’ own HV and LV equipment
• Excavation of trenching work in both hard or soft dig terrain for installation of HV and LV cabling, including sanding, backfilling and re-instatement works
• Installation of substation pallisade fencing complete with lockable access gate(s)
• Soil resisitivity analysis and installation of earth farm matrixes for both client and DNO earth connections

We have our own in house CAD draughting facilities to assist with the construction/design of your substation and ensure that space is used effectively but allowing good access to switchgear for operation and ensure segregation of HV and LV equipment. Substation entry is also carefully considered to allow quick escape routes from HV and LV equipment thus covering regulations of health and safety requirements applicable to substation design.

E.P.E.S. work with many of the utility companies and as such are also aware of the requirements necessary for accommodation of their equipment - many of whom having specific designs relative to construction works and also requirements for cable ducting and accommodation of equipment.

During the building process consideration is also given to future access to the equipment should upgrade or access for maintenance be needed, as well as consideration to any access for trip cabling or future auxillary services. Existing services such as drainage or other cabling is also taken into account when siting and building the substation and carrying out excavation works.